Doctor Flake - Park Mp3

Graham Parker - Lady Doctor Lyric

Pre>bb f (3 times)
G c g c
I've got a lady doctor she cure da pain for free
G c bb f g
I've got a lady doctor oh there ain't nothing wrong with me.
G c g c
I went in with a heart burn into the surgery
To my surprise two pretty eyes was running up and down me.
Said now be a patient patient stretch right out on that couch
Help yourself to the pills cure your ills
Bb f g
I'm never gonna square it on out.

Repeat chorus

Well all the cats said go see her it's only just down the road
You go in with pneumonia come out with just a heavy cold
She won't give you no jargon no medical how-do-you-do
Well just get right down under that stethoscope
Baby let that lady mess on with you.

Repeatr chorus (then instrumental chorus)

Repeat chorus (twice, sung up an octave)

Ain't nothing wrong with
Ain't nothing wrong with me
Bb f bb f c bb f g
Ooh ooh ooh ooh lady doctor yeah. /pre>

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