Wrestling Lyrics Songs

Song Title
2 (The Ecstasy)"
2 Skinnee J's- "3 Minute Warning"
A Little Space
AC/DC- "Back In Black"
AC/DC- "Big Balls"
AC/DC- "Highway To Hell"
AC/DC- "T.N.T."
AC/DC- "Thunderstruck"
Aerosmith- "Back In The Saddle"
Al Snow's Theme
Alice In Chains- "Man In The Box"
Alien Ant Farm- "Smooth Criminal"
American Dream
American Made
Anthrax & Public Enemy- "Bring Da Noise"
Anthrax- "Keep It In The Family"
Anthrax- "Phantom Lord"
Ass Man (Billy Gunn)
Bad Azz & Techniec - "You Ain't Hard" (The New Age Outlaws)
Bad To The Bone
Basic Thugonomics - John Cena
Beach Boys- "Surfin' USA"
Beach Patrol
Beastie Boys- "Fight For Your Right (To Party)"
Beastie Boys- "Intergalactic"
Beck- "Loser"
Big (The Big Show)
Big Boss Man's Theme
Big Mother Thruster- "Tattoo"
Billy Joel- "Big Shot"
Black Sabbath- "Black Sabbath"
Black Sabbath- "Iron Man"
Blackfoot- "Take A Train"
Body Count- "Body Count's In The House"
Bon Jovi- "Bad Medicine"
Bon Jovi- "Wanted Dead Or Alive"
Boy Hits Car - "Lovefurypassionenergy" (Lita)
Break Down The Wall (Chris Jericho)
Breaking Point - "One Of A Kind" (Rob Van Dam)
Bruce Dickinson- "The Zoo"
Bruce Springsteen- "Born In The USA"
Buff Daddy
Burn In My Light
Busta Rhymes- "Fire It Up"
Butthole Surfers- "Pepper"
C-Murder & Magic - "I Won't Stop" (Gangrel)
Can You Dig It? - Booker T
Chemlab- "Electric Molecular"
Chumbawamba- "Tubthumping"
Cold Day In Hell
Collective Soul- "Gel"
Cool (Carlito Caribbean Cool)
Cool Cocky Bad
Country Boy
Creed - "Young Grow Old"
Crossing Borders - Rey Mysterio
Crowded House- "Skin Feeling"
Cypress Hill - "Just Another Victim" (Tazz)
Cypress Hill- "Rock Superstar"
D-Generation X
Danger At The Door (D'Lo Brown)
Dangerous Politics (Heidenreich)
Danzig- "Firemass"
Danzig- "Five Finger Crawl"
Danzig- "Mother"
Darkside (Undertaker)
Dean Martin- "That's Amore"
Deep Purple- "Perfect Strangers"
Demolition's Theme
Disco Inferno's Theme
Disturbed - "Glass Shatters" (Steve Austin)
Disturbed- "Stupify"
DJ Kool- "Let Me Clear My Throat"